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Karnameh Institute of Arts and Culture


Persuaded by the warm public reception to the highly-acclaimed Karnameh Literary Journal (1998-2004, license revoked after 49 editions), the Karnameh Institute of Arts and Culture was established with the management of Ms Negar Eskandarfar in 2001 as a multi-function NGO with the aim of promoting cultural education and activities, in line with the regulations of IRI Ministry of Culture and Guidance.

From the very beginnings of KIAC, we have enjoyed support and cooperation from the most well-known and prestigious writers, poets, filmmakers and artists in Iran, who have helped us provide our services and launch our activities in a warm and friendly environment. Hundreds of ardent and talented young people from all over Iran have so far benefitted from our courses and workshops; many of them have now been absorbed by media-related industries


Courses and workshops  (past and present)

At Karnameh, we provide high-quality education courses taught by some of the most celebrated writers, critics and professionals active in the fields of Iranian arts and culture. Varying from continuing creative workshops to highly-specialised crash courses, our education department is always expanding, enabling young Iranians to access new cultural knowledge and expertise. Some of the courses we offer or have offered in the past are mentioned below (those in bold are ongoing todate)



Karnameh School of Cinematic Arts

In 2002, we established the cinematic arm of our education department to deliver focused long-term training courses and intensive workshops on various aspects of cinema and related arts. Starting with our acclaimed 6-month professional acting course, Karnameh’s cinematic courses have always been led by prominent figures of Iranian cinema admired nationally and internationally, with the aim of equipping students with the necessary skills to achieve success in a highly competitive industry. Many of our students are now well-known in their fields and we continue to provide Iranian film and theatre circles with new talent. Some of the courses we have offered are:





We established the publication wing of Karnameh under the trading name of Farrokhnegar Publishing House in 2002. Our aim is to provide the market with books related to arts and culture by established authors, while also publishing new writing in the fields of literature and poetry. Some of the titles we have published are:

The Book of Poets: an anthology of poems and articles from Boudelaire to Stevens collected and translated by Morad Farhadpour and Yousef Abazari

Shahrebazi (The Fairground) a novel by Hamid Yavari

International Seminar of Fiction Literature: a collection of short stories, articles and speeches collected by Negar Eskandarfar, published in Persian, English and Arabic

The House of Sand and Fog a novel by Andre DuBois III, translated by Akram Eskandarfar

Divane Khashm (The Anthology of Fury) a book of poetry by Yazdan Salahshour

A Moment’s Visa a book of poetry by Hana Makhmalbaf

Trapped in Ice a novel by Gerri Nielsen, Translated by Azarnoush Nourian

Ye Rouz Man o Antelecte Kuchamun (Once, Me and the Intellectual in Our Neighbourhood) a collection of short stories by Noushin Fakhimzadeh

Goushe-ghoushehaye Man (The Corners of My Corners) a book of poetry by Neda Vojdani


Film and Theatre Production

With our connections to the film industry and our host of fresh talent, we at Karnameh are ideally placed to cooperate in the production of films. Apart from producing over 300 shorts and documentaries made by our students, we have also assisted in production of the following films:

  • The Poet of The Dumpsters (2005): co-produced by Karnameh, written by acclaimed director Mohsen Makhmalbaf and directed by Mohammad Ahmadi, this film has won prizes in festivals such as Reelworld Toronto and the Milan Film Festival

    • .Nader and Simin, A Separation (2011): Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Asghar Farhadi with Karnameh as an executive producer, ‘Separation’ has Swept away almost all acclaimed world-wide prizes including: five Crystal Phoenixes and two honorary diplomas out of a total of twelve nominations at the Fajr Film Festival, the Asia-Pacific prize and the Golden Bear for Best Film, plus two Silver Bears for its ensemble cast of actors and actresses at the 2010 Berlinale Festival, NSFC Award, NYFCC  Award, Independent Spirit Award, London Critics Circle Award, British Independent film Award, CFCA Award, César and more recently, it was awarded the Golden Globe and an Oscar as the best foreign film.

  • Pommegranate  Season  (2011): A Video Film directed by Mohsen Sharafinia and produced by Alireza Sartippi, with Negar Eskandarfar for az executive producer. Succeed in obtaining one prize for Best Directing of First Film, and another prize for Creative and Artistic Acting for the male actor, as well as Diploma of Honor  for Best Actress during the Toronto Festival of Iranian Movies.  
  • Rainy Day (2014): Feature film directed by Miss Faeze Azizkhani, and produced jointly by Negar Eskandarfar and Mohammad Ahmadi, conquered a Cristal Statue for Best Directing in Experimental and Art section of 33th International Fajr Film Festival.

Also, we have ventured into theatre production with the following plays:

F.A.N.S (2005): written and directed by Mohammad Rahmanian and starring Parviz Parastouie, Mahtab Nasirpour, Habib Rezaee, Taraneh Alidoosti and Ahmad Mehranfar, this Karnameh production sold out its entire run in Tehran before an international tour of Dubai, Stockholm, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.

  • Ashaghe (2006): written by Mohammad Rahmanian and Directed by Rahmanian and Habib Rezaee, the production was performed in Iran, Lebanon and Syria.
  • Cho’s Manifesto (2008): another Karnameh production by Mohammad Rahmanian, starring the late Ahmad Aghalou, Hooman Barghnavard, Mahtab Nasirpour, Taraneh Alidoosti, Seema Tirandaz, Afshin Hashemi and Ashkan Khatibi, it sold out its entire 14-week run.
  • Sheklak (2013): Written by Naghmeh Samini, Director: K. Moradi, Staged in Shams Hall.


Events and Research Groups

We endeavour to utilise Karnameh’s resources in as wide a range of activities as possible. To this aim, we have initiated and participated in many events and provided research services to various organisations, some of which are listed below:

  • The Tehran Hopkins Club: a workshop for the study of English poetry, held by Karnameh throughout the year.
  • Karnameh Play Reading Club: a series of scratch nights dedicated to rehearsed readings of new and/or classical plays by Karnameh students.
  • Kish Seminar of Fiction Literature: an international festival documented by Karnameh and printed in several languages.
  • Karnameh Prize for Poetry: held for four years to promote poets of the young generation, the prize was offered to newly-published anthologies and poems by a jury comprised of some of the most prominent Iranian poets and critics.
  • UNICEF Children’s Week: Karnameh cooperated with UNICEF on more than 50 cultural and artistic activities and programmes for the children’s week in 2008.
  • Karnameh Theatre Festival: Held to present works by Karnameh students, the festival was judged by a jury of prominent theatre practitioners and was the first privately-organised theatre festival in Iran.
  • Omid Theatre Festival: Permanent Supporter of Omid Festival.
  • Tehran Museum of War: The concept of the museum was researched and designed by Karnameh.
  • Mellat Cultural Complex Visual Arts Galleries: The galleries were designed, curated and managed for three months after the opening by Karnameh.


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