Karnameh Institute of Arts and Culture


Persuaded by the warm public reception to the highly-acclaimed Karnameh Literary Journal (۱۹۹۸-۲۰۰۴, license revoked after ۴۹ editions), the Karnameh Institute of Arts and Culture was established with the management of Ms Negar Eskandarfar in ۲۰۰۱ as a multi-function NGO with the aim of promoting cultural education and activities, in line with the regulations of IRI Ministry of Culture and Guidance.

From the very beginnings of KIAC, we have enjoyed support and cooperation from the most well-known and prestigious writers, poets, filmmakers and artists in Iran, who have helped us provide our services and launch our activities in a warm and friendly environment. Hundreds of ardent and talented young people from all over Iran have so far benefitted from our courses and workshops; many of them have now been absorbed by media-related industries.


Courses and workshops  (past and present)

At Karnameh, we provide high-quality education courses taught by some of the most celebrated writers, critics and professionals active in the fields of Iranian arts and culture. Varying from continuing creative workshops to highly-specialised crash courses, our education department is always expanding, enabling young Iranians to access new cultural knowledge and expertise. Some of the courses we offer or have offered in the past are mentioned below (those in bold are ongoing todate)

No.5, Anoosh alley, Aafraz st, Maleki st, Ttajrish sq, Tehran. Tel: 22745180, 22745178, 22751410